Community Partnerships

Church of the Messiah

The partnership between Christ Church Grosse Pointe and Church of the Messiah began in 1991, and grew out of the friendship between the two rectors - Ted Cobden of Christ Church, and Ron Spann of Messiah.

Both believed that it would be beneficial on many levels to form this partnership between suburb and city, white and black; and they realized that the Book of Common Prayer was their best common link, and that geographical proximity would facilitate interaction. They also realized that the real issue to be tackled was relationship, not projects; and so the early years were dedicated largely to getting to know and understand each other.

The partnership has always concentrated on relationship, but there have been many mutual projects that we have worked on as well, such as house painting and tree planting in the Messiah neighborhood, Messiah’s Senior Pantry, Christ Church's Antiques Show, the Relay for Life, and after-school and summer camp programs at Messiah.

The tile piece hanging in the Undercroft is the creation of Shannon MacVean-Brown (daughter of Jackie and Ron Spann), and is dedicated to the partnership.

To learn more about the Church's partnership with the inner city or for more information, please contact the Rev'd Areeta Bridgemohan, 313-885-4841 ext 121, or

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Crossroads of Michigan

Crossroads of Michigan is a social services agency that provides counseling services, transportation assistance, food and clothing to people in need in the Detroit area. Its biggest outreach program is a soup kitchen that serves between 700 and 1,000 people every Sunday. Twice a year Christ Church Grosse Pointe is responsible for cooking and serving those meals at the Crossroads office on 92 E. Forest Street near the Wayne State campus.

We buy all the supplies. Volunteers on the morning shift cook a huge pot of chili, put together hundreds of sandwiches and get everything ready. The afternoon shift serves the meal and cleans up afterwards. About 35 people are involved.

For many years Christ Church Grosse Pointe has provided financial support for Crossroads and its mission. The Soup Kitchen enables many of us to get involved directly. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a team and act on our Christian values. We are always looking for new volunteers.

For more information, contact the Rev'd Areeta Bridgemohan, 313-885-4841 ext 121, or

Habitat for Humanity

Christ Church is a charter member of Habitat Grosse Pointe Partners, a group of churches in Grosse Pointe which has been raising money and volunteerism for Habitat for Humanity Detroit for over ten years.
Habitat Detroit builds affordable housing for those families otherwise excluded from home ownership due to the vagaries of the lending process, their limited access to the dwindling pool of affordable housing stock, or other circumstances of their individual economic situation.

Habitat provides no-interest mortgages for each family to acquire their new home, and then trains the new homeowner to sustain their financial and home maintenance responsibilities. Each homeowner must perform a set quota of "sweat equity" hours towards building their home or on other Habitat projects.

Habitat aims to sustain the homebuilding process by feeding principal from homeowner mortgages, funds raised by contributor organizations like Habitat Grosse Pointe Partners, and profits from its ReStore construction supply warehouse into further homebuilding operations.

Habitat Detroit also contributes time, effort, and funds to the broader Habitat International parent organization and regional affiliates, including events like the Jimmy Carter Work Project in 2005 and the SuperBUILD house-in-a-box project for Hurricane Katrina victims the week of the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit.

In 2006 Habitat Detroit started to focus on rebuilding the east side Detroit neighborhood near Mack and Alter, including new houses co-sponsored by Habitat Grosse Pointe Partners being built on Maryland Street. This worksite is approximately three miles from Christ Church.

Habitat provides ample opportunities for volunteers to help with regular Second Saturday build projects and many ad hoc projects. The job foreman teaches the skills needed (and that is appropriate for each person) for any project you work on. Each new project is a learning experience.

You strengthen friendships with the crew and the new homeowner as you erect a house from the ground up. When the house is built, the homeowner family receives the keys to the home, a toolbox, and a Bible, known by Habitat regulars as the tools for living and the tools for life.

We encourage you to participate in Habitat Grosse Pointe Partners projects.

For more information, please contact the Rev'd Areeta Bridgemohan, 313-885-4841 ext 121, or