Cross in Memory of Elizabeth Ingersol Lewis

A Brief History And Tour of Christ Church Grosse Pointe


  • 1923 - Sunday School classes for Grosse Pointe children begin in area homes. Sunday worship was at Christ Church on East Jefferson Avenue (Old Christ Church) of which Christ Church Grosse Pointe was a mission.

  • 1928 - Work began on Christ Church Chapel, so named because it was envisioned as the first structure of a cathedral-like complex. The chapel - today's Christ Church - was set far back from Grosse Pointe Boulevard to allow space for future expansion. Sunday School classes were held at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church's parish house.

  • 1933 - The Rev. Francis B. Creamer, Rector

  • 1938 - Rectory Built

  • 1942 - Miller Memorial Hall built, to provide a gracious setting for various parish meetings and functions

  • 1947 - Christ Church Chapel attained full parish status

  • 1949 - The Rev. J. Clemens Kolb, Rector

  • 1950 - Consecration by the Rt. Rev. Richard S. Emrich, Bishop of Michigan

  • 1952 - The Rev. Erville B. Maynard, Rector

  • 1955 - Parish House - later called the Christian Education Building - constructed

  • 1966 - The Virginia Brush Ford Memorial Rose Garden was constructed in 1966 and was given by members of Mrs. Ford's family and many of her friends. The altar in the Rose Garden was given that same year in memory of Margaret Carhartt Baker

  • 1967 - The first portions of the Columbarium were constructed in 1967 and substantially enlarged in 1971, 1980, and again in 1994

  • 1969 - The Rev. Arnold A. Fenton, Rector

  • 1974 - The Rev. Robert F. McGregor, Rector

  • 1982 - The Rev. Edward A.M. Cobden, Rector

  • 1997 - The Rev. Dr. J. Edward Putnam, Rector

  • 2000 - work is completed on a new education wing at Christ Church.

  • 2001 - a new organ, built by Harrison and Harrison of Durham, England, is dedicated

  • 2002 - The Rev. Bradford G. Whitaker, Rector

  • 2005 - Christ Church celebrates its 75th Anniversary


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