Christ Church Vestry

The Vestry is called to embody, articulate, and advocate for the vision within the parish and community, and to develop, and be chief stewards of, the resources needed to sustain and expand the ministry of Christ Church. Operationally, the Vestry delegates the administration of Church resources to the Rector and staff of Christ Church.

Officers and Chair of the Vestry
The Rev’d Andrew Van Culin, Rector and Chair
Ms. Karen Kienbaum, Senior Warden
Ms. Betsy Creedon, Junior Warden
Mr. Daniel Skedel, Treasurer
Mr. David Gaskin, Chancellor
Mr. Mike Hix, Secretary

The Class of 2018
Mr. David Gaskin
Mr. Mike Hix
Ms. Lynnette Iannace
Ms. Karen Kienbaum
Mr. Brendan Walsh

The Class of 2019
Ms. Lori Mouton Boeckler
Ms. Sarah Bowe
Ms. Betsy Creedon
Mr. Dave Redfield
Mr. George Sutton

The Class of 2020
Mr. Eric Ash
Ms. Lisa Baruah
Ms. Colleen Fitzgerald
Mr. Thom Nealssohn
Mr. Blair Osborn