Back to School ToolBox Workshop

Back to School ToolBox Workshops

September 21, 9 am – 12 pm

Join others for a morning workshop addressing anxiety, social challenges, and other important topics. Students will use team building activities to learn how to successful in social interactions. Parents will work with a facilitator to learn skills and tips for addressing the needs of school-age children.

Parent’s Back to School ToolBox

Workshop 1:  Two different options 9-10:30 am

Option One:  The Building Blocks of Social & Emotional Intelligence
Learn over 20 ways to build social and emotional intelligence. Participants will learn about the 4 components of emotional intelligence:  self-management, self- awareness, social awareness and relationship management. Discussion includes building confidence, self-esteem, managing emotions, and learning social skills.
Option Two:  Anxiety, Social Challenges, School Challenges, Easily frustrated...Oh My!
This workshop will focus on the ups and downs of anxiety, social challenges, frustrations, and emotional regulation. We will discuss several ways in which anxiety can be displayed in kids. We will discuss how anxiety can also effect kids with different learning styles and kids with ADHD. Parents will learn 5 tips to help reduce anxiety and manage frustration. We will discuss school and homework and learn tips to enable families to have a better evening and handle homework. Lastly, parents will gain an understanding of the landscape of school demands, 504’s and accommodations.
Workshop 2: 10:45 am -12 pm

Our Children’s World of Friendship
Parents learn the do’s and don’ts of teaching children to be friendly classmates and true friends. They will learn how to help their child deal with sticky friendship situations and unkind classmates. Parents will learn the exact words, the tone of voice, and body language children can use to shut down unfriendly situations and problem solve.

Kid’s Back to School ToolBox

Workshop 1: 9-10:30 am
Kids will play games and do team building activities while learn how to problem solve, to be inclusive, deal with rule changers and cheating, and how to be a friendly classmate whether you win or lose. Kids will learn exact words to say, tone of voice and how their body language should look. Kids will learn how to respond when other kids say they can’t play, or they are having private conversations.

Workshop 2: 10:45 am-12 pm
Going from Frustrated to Empowered through Mindfulness
Many kids react emotionally to unfriendly or sticky situations & make the situation worse. This workshop will teach kids how to recognize when they are in a sticky situation & give them a tool to calm their minds and bodies. Empowered responses to typical playground situations and sibling conflict will be discussed so they have the words and strategies in their toolbox of options. Managing emotions & having social skills to respond appropriately to social & family situations. Emotional regulation is our ability to manage our emotions in how we respond to situations. It is one of the most important predictors of success. If we do not have the tools in our tool box our emotional response may cause us to overreact in a negative way that impacts our self-esteem & enflames a situation.

Registration Fees:

  • 2nd – 5th Grade Child only:  $36
  • Parent and child: $50
  • Additional 2nd – 5th Grade Sibling:  $20
  • Parent only:  $25
  • Additional Parent:  $15
  • Family:  $99 (2 parents and 4 children)
  • Middle School Leader in Training:  $18


For more information contact Joseph Daniel at or 313-885-4842.