Cooperative Nursery at Christ Church (CNCC)

One of Grosse Pointe’s most loved schools for 50+ Years

What is the Co-op?
A magical place for learning, the Cooperative Nursery is a nurturing, child-centered school that invites children to investigate independence, celebrate childhood, and voice their minds and hearts.

Through play and work, our children develop a mastery and ownership of their learning. At our school, children's sense of wonder is enhanced, curiosity is stimulated, feelings are respected, expression is encouraged, and community is valued.

Our cooperative structure creates a strong community and offers parents unique opportunities to support and understand children's play, work, and development.

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays through Fridays
8:35 am to 11:20 am
3 Year Olds through Young 5s

Redbirds (3 Year Olds) 

  • Tuesdays through Thursdays
  • Optional Friday attendance available

Bluebirds (4 Year Olds to Young 5's

  • Tuesdays through Fridays

Extended day option available to all on Tuesdays & Thursdays until 2:00 pm.


Upon acceptance to our program, a $200 non-refundable deposit and $50 annual supply fee are due.

Annual Tuition

3 days / week: $1725 

4 days / week: $1975

Extended Day Option: $15 / day

Membership Information & Application

PDF icon cncc_2018_2019_enrollment_application_1.11.2018.pdf

PDF icon 2017-18_cnccinfopacket_pdf.pdf

Registration is ongoing throughout the year and applications are accepted until the classes are full.


Torrey Stackpoole - Preschool Director, 4's Teacher

Virginia Moran - 4's Teacher 

Kimberly Romolino - 3's Teacher, Music Director 

Maureen Kruse - 3's Teacher


To learn more about our program or to schedule a tour: