DIVE: Confirmation Class

DIVE: Discover. Inquire. Validate. Encounter…God

If you’ve been wanting to find a place where you can ask questions about God, the Bible, or any of the stuff you hear and see in church, then DIVE is for you. DIVE is Christ Church’s confirmation class and is all about creating a totally judgment free space where it’s possible to ask hard questions, connect with great people, have fun and meet God. DIVE wants to take you on a journey that goes below the surface to discover what’s really there. If you are in high school and haven’t been confirmed, then DIVE is for you! 

What is Confirmation, you might ask?

Confirmation is a sacrament of the church where one expresses a mature commitment to Christ and takes steps to learn how to live into that commitment.

Why do we practice Confirmation?

At another great sacrament of the church, your Baptism, your parent's and the church community made a commitment for you to be brought up in a life of Christ. During Confirmation, you make a choice to receive instruction in the Christian faith, to join others in prayerful consideration, and to learn together what it means to live into the full stature of Christ.

Who may participate?

Christ Church has traditionally confirmed 8th graders.Confirmation is open to any youth, 8th grade or older, who has not yet been confirmed.

How will we get there?

  • We will study the Biblical stories together
  • We will ask throughtful and difficult questions
  • We will be open to the process and to new ideas
  • We will make these weeks a priority
  • We will be supported in our journey by adult mentors

When will all this take place?

  • Wednesdays nights, 6:30 - 8 pm, October - May
  • October 6: No Meeting
  • October 13: Parent's Meeting
    • Meeting at the Rectory to outline the journey and to discuss other dates and expectations
  • October 20: Take the DIVE - Our first meeting
  • November 5-7: Confirmation Retreat
  • Sunday, June 5: Pentecost Sunday.
    • Bishop Bonnie visits Christ Church and confirms you!