Middle School

6th-8th Grade

6:00 pm  Community Dinner
6:45 pm  Youth Formation

9:00 am  Community Worship
10:10 am  Fellowship and Service Hour

Our Middle School Youth gather every Wednesday for dinner at 6:00 pm in the Undercroft and then proceed to the Lower Level for fun games, check-in about our weeks, and engage in relevant discussion about our faith. Every week, we learn about something happening in the world or our culture and relate it back to Scripture and our faith. In the process, we find that while stories from the Bible happened a long time ago, the people in these stories struggle with very similar issues that we do today: violence, anger, forgiveness, doubt, and much more. The topics listed below are the same for both Middle and High School in an attempt to unify the conversation about our faith throughout our youth program, but are approached at a level appropriate for the group.

On Sunday, our youth gather for worship at 9 am and then either head to the Lower Level for a time of fellowship, have the opportunity to engage in service within the church or elsewhere, or participate in other parish-related activities. Please click HERE for a full list of dates! 

Topics Covered So Far

9/23 - "Uncovering Sin" (The Ashley Madison Hacking Scandal) - Are private sins worse than public sins? Should these people be forgiven? What is our call as Christians to forgive others that have hurt us?   

9/30 - "To Heaven and Back" (90 Minutes in Heaven) - What do we think heaven looks like? Is heaven real? "Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find." - Wayne Dyer

10/7 - "Stop the Violence" (School Shootings) - What is our role as Christians to help stop violence in our communities?

10/14 - "Finding Empathy" (Facebook Dislike Button) - What does the Christian value of empathy look like and mean?

10/21 - "Providing A Refuge" (Refugee Crisis) - Who do you go to as a source of refuge when you need help? How are we called to help our neighbors in need in Syria?

10/28 - "Masks of Hypocrisy" (Halloween) - How would your peers describe you? Do you ever feel like you have to put on a "mask" to cover something up?

11/4 - "Patience in an Impatient World" (Southwest Airlines Delays) - Has technology made us less patient?

11/11 - "Prayer Matters" (The War Room) - Does God pay attention to our prayers?

11/18 - "Remembering 9/11" (Terrorism) - Where was/is God in the midst of such tragedies as 9/11, the Paris attacks, and so many others? How might God be using these tragedies to bring good and comfort out of terrible suffering? 

11/22 - "Why does God let bad things happen?" - Romans 8:28

12/2 - Advent: A Season of Contemplation, the Awareness Examen

12/9 - Prayer Stations based on Advent Themes

12/16 - Advent Quiet Night

1/13 - New Year's Resolutions: "Best Year Ever"

1/20 - Resolutions...Now What?

1/27 - Exam Week - Good luck everyone!

2/3 - What is a Rule of Life?

2/10 - Join us for Ash Wednesday services at noon and 7 pm!

2/17 - Happy Mid-Winter Break!

2/24 - Creating a Rule of Life: My Relationship With God

3/2 - Lenten Quiet Night

3/9 - Creating a Rule of Life: My Relationship With Self

3/16 - Creating a Rule of Life: My Relationship With Others

3/23 - Join us for Holy Week Services!  

3/30 - Happy Easter Break!   

4/6 - Creating a Rule of Life: My Relationship With Creation

4/13 - Creating a Rule of Life: Create A Solid Garden Plot

4/20 - Accountability In Service

4/27 - Fail Forward: Embracing Failure

5/4 - Righteous Giving: What would you do if you won $1.6 billion in the Powerball lottery?  

5/11 - United Faith: In what ways are we united as Christians? 

5/18 - End of the Year Party! 

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