Middle School

6th-8th Grade

6:00 pm  Community Dinner
6:45 pm  Youth Formation

9:00 am  Community Worship
10:10 am  Fellowship and Service Hour

Our Middle School Youth gather every Wednesday for dinner at 6:00 pm in the Undercroft and then proceed to the Lower Level for fun games, check-in about our weeks, and engage in relevant discussion about our faith. Every week, we learn about something happening in the world or our culture and relate it back to Scripture and our faith. In the process, we find that while stories from the Bible happened a long time ago, the people in these stories struggle with very similar issues that we do today: violence, anger, forgiveness, doubt, and much more. The topics listed below are the same for both Middle and High School in an attempt to unify the conversation about our faith throughout our youth program, but are approached at a level appropriate for the group.

On Sunday, our youth gather for worship at 9 am and then either head to the Lower Level for a time of fellowship, have the opportunity to engage in service within the church or elsewhere, or participate in other parish-related activities.

For more information contact Holly McNett at hmcnett@christchurchgp.org or 313-885-4841, ext. 104.