Arrived safely

After a successful Sunday morning Eucharist and afternoon Bon Voyage concert, we all loaded the bus in Grosse Pointe and headed to the airport. There is nothing like that feeling of expectation and possibility that comes as we pull out of the church parking lot about to embark on an overseas tour. Months and months of planning and preparation and the time had finally come to leave!

We had a laborious but uneventful check-in at the Detroit airport and had just enough time for a quick dinner. We boarded the plane and headed to Amsterdam where we would eventually catch a flight to Malaga in Spain.

Overnight flights are rough and this one was no exception. We all arrived in Amserdam tired and in desperate need of some "freshening up"...I always recommend to tough out the tiredness and do your best to get to the night without sleeping - the best way to conquer jet lag quickly - some had more success than others (special shoutout to Sarah Bowe for the props)! All that being said, we all made it to Malaga in one piece!

Once we arrived in Malaga, we boarded buses for the transfer to Granada where we will stay the next two nights. We checked into the hotel and quickly ate dinner (at the typical Spanish dinner time of 10:30 pm!). It was then off to bed to rest up for a big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow we visit the Alhambra an end the day singing a concert as part of the Granada Music Festival. Looking forward to reporting more after a few hours of sleep myself!