Another beautiful day in Spain and a wonderfully full and exciting day in Seville. We began the day with yet another hearty breakfast and a walking tour of the city. It was indeed hot as predicted, but worth every moment.

Our first stop was the Alcazar Real (the Royal residences), yet another place of immensely breathtaking architecture. In this case, it was built for Christians by Muslims, so the carvings were reminiscent of the Alhambra. As a big fan of gothic style architecture and ornamentation, I am now a huge fan of what I've seen in Spain. There just isn't anything like it. In fact, we were very excited to learn that the scenes from Game of Thrones depicting Dorne were filmed there. Now I'm completely sold!

After the Alcazar, we were off to the Cathedral - the third largest cathedral in the world (the first is St. Peter's in Rome, the second is St. Paul's in London). It was a huge building with lots to look at. People everywhere, sculptures, paintings, carvings...a feast for the eyes. Both Christopher Columbus and his son were buried there (or at least 170 grams of Christopher Columbus - that's a long story). My favorite part was climbing the tower and looking out onto the city (the picture at the beginning of this entry). It always feels wonderful being a part of a sacred space with such a rich history.

Once we had our time in the city, we brought the choristers back to the hotel for a few hours rest. With the heat and rigorous schedule, we needed some downtime so that we were prepared for the concert tonight. Mission accomplished. The choristers looked much more alive once we reconvened for the rehearsal.

Our concert tonight was wonderful. The acoustic of the Iglesia Santa Angel was practically perfect. Just enough reverberation to make the sound of the choir seamless and consistently beautiful. It was a pleasure to sing there and the audience was warm and enthusiastic. They even started a Flamenco clap as we left the Nave. What an honor!

We're now back at the hotel and all in our beds (hopefully) sleeping. We make our way to Madrid tomorrow through the city of Córdoba. A high speed train and the Prado Museum. Works for me!


P.S. We still haven't had an opportunity to find a better wi-fi to post more pictures. Many singers and parents are posting on Facebook, so I hope you're seeing a lot of the wonderful snapshots of our daily activities.

P.P.S. Tomorrow, we will welcome the Rev'd Areeta Bridgemohan who will be our guest blogger tomorrow. You will no doubt enjoy another perspective of all that we're doing on the peninsula!