Westminster Abbey, Day 1

At 5:00 pm this evening twenty-nine choristers and choir members quietly entered the chancel of Westminster Abbey to take their part in an ancient rhythm of daily prayer.  

In fact, for over a thousand years, as the Abbey grew up around them, worshippers have gathered here to offer their daily prayers, prayers which expressed not only their deepest desires and most profound sorrows, but their daily worries and seemingly simple burdens, with the confidence that no prayer is too large, nor any too small, for the caring heart of God.

And so the tradition continues.  Each morning before the throngs arrive, then during the noon hour, and again each evening after the last gazing visitor has left, the Abbey returns to its heart as a place of prayer and worship.  In the midst of the perpetual movement of London, surrounded even by the magnificence and splendor of one of the finest examples of Christian art and architecture, Christian women and men come together each day to be still, to gaze at nothing more splendid than the heart of Christ, and to offer their prayers and gratitude.

Today the Christ Church Schola took its place and added their voice to this ancient rhthym, standing among hundreds of pilgrims who gathered this evening, together we offer our simple daily prayers.

With thanksgiving,

Fr. Drew