Planned Giving & Endowments

The Planned Giving Society is designed to acknowledge those who have made provision for Christ Church in their estate planning. Estate planning is not only important for those of substantial means but includes all of us whose bequests to the church through insurance policies, real estate and the like can realize estate tax savings. Such gifts help to assure the future of Christ Church.

Becoming a member of the society is simple. Notify the church that you have included a gift in your will or estate plan and indicate whether you want your name to be published as a society member or prefer to remain anonymous. For more information, contact Diane Ward at

The Christ Church Endowment

The Christ Church Endowment, commonly referred to as the "Original Endowment," enables member and friends of Christ Church to ensure the continued support of the mission and ministry of Christ Church in perpetuity.  An annual draw from the Christ Church Endowment (4% based on a 3-year rolloing average), is distributed to the General Operating Fund of Christ Church and may be used for  the general missions of the church.

The Conservation Trust Fund

Established January 26, 1987, the Conservation Trust Fund is a Trust, the income of which "shall be used solely for the purpose of providing major repairs to, and remodeling, renewals, replacements and expansions of, the buildings and grounds owned by Christ Church, Grosse Pointe, and the capital equipment and furnishings of said buildings, it being the intention hereof that none of the assets of said Trust shall be used for ordinary repairs and maintenance that have a useful life of less than a year."  The trustees include the Rector, Senior Warden, Treasurer, Chairman of Buildings and Grounds, and three trustees appointed by the Senior Warden to six year terms which run beginning every two years.

The Christ Church Endowment for Christian Education

Established in 1986, the Christ Church Endowment for Christian Education, was established to support the ongoing Christian formation of all members of Christ Church.  Adminsitered in conjunction with the Christ Church endowment, an annual draw of 4% is provided to fund related ministries and programs.

The Christ Church Endowment for Outreach

Established in 1986, the Christ Church Endowment for Outreach extends the reach of God's love through Christ Church.  Each year the Outreach Grants Ministry provides upwards of $70,000 in grants to local agencies providing for the critical needs of our community, approximately $17,000 of which is funded through the annual draw (4%) on the Christ Church Endowment for Outreach.

The DeHaven Endowment for Music

A strong Anglican choral tradition is an identifying characteristic of Christ Church Grosse Pointe. Our Choir of Men and Boys has existed since the parish began, and our Choir of Men and Girls is over fifty years old. Musical excellence is a vital component of worship for our parishioners and a beacon to the wider community. This heritage has touched many lives, including hundreds of parishioners and their children.

The music program at Christ Church, so richly articulated through more than three decades of service by Fred DeHaven (Director of Music and Organist 1975-2007) deserves a strong future. That requires a sound financial foundation. The DeHaven Endowment for Music at Christ Church, established by our vestry in January of 2007, allows for an opportunity to ensure that the gift of quality music is maintained and enhanced at our parish.

Contributing to continue and expand musical excellence at Christ Church is easy. Inquiries can be made by contacting the Rector or the Director of Music and Organist at 313-885-4841. Gifts of all sizes are welcomed. To learn more, view the DeHaven Endowment Brochure. PDF icon christchurchdehavenbrochure.pdf

Mack Fund

Establish in 1988 upon termination of the Mack Trust, the distribution from the Mack Fund may be used to support the the general missions of the church.

Valk Fund

Initially established by a bequest from Robert and Alice Valk to provide funding for Altar and Church decorations (excluding weddings and funerals).

Rose Garden Fund

Initially established in 1965 to maintain the Rose Garden, an annual draw of 4% is distributed to the General Operating Fund to provide for the annual maintenance of the Rose Garden.

Sweeny Lecture Fund for Christian Theology and Ethics

Established in 1986 in memory of Mary Margaret Sweeny and Dr. Donald Sweeny II, the purpose of the Sweeny Lecture Fund for Christian Theology and Ethics is to provide for an ongoing lecture series in Christian Theology and Ethics.  The annual draw on the this endowment is reserved for future events and is distributed as expenses are incurred.