Spirituality Center

The Christ Church Spirituality Center seeks to foster the growth of persons in life-giving and healthy communities. We believe that this is God’s hope for the human family, a hope demonstrated by the mystery of Christ’s life among us.

About PRH:  Personality and Human Relationships

The CCSC through its Institute for Ordinary Holiness is a portal to in-depth formation through a modern resource, PRH Education.

The pioneering work of French educator and priest André Rochais, PRH began as Personnalité et Relations Humaines, (or in English, Personality and Human Relationships), and has spread from its base in Poitiers to 30 other countries. PRH is a school of holistic education that offers a distinctive model of a human being in the process of growing, and provides individuals, couples and groups with tools of self-discovery.

The following are some of the tools:
•    Workshops that function as small communities of trust, mutual, in-depth listening, and a determination to grow.
•    PRH analysis, a unique form of decoding feedback from your own mental, physical, emotional & spiritual make-up.
•    Personal accompaniment by a PRH educator.
•    Tools for discernment and for making good decisions.

The core principle of PRH is that the inner world of being is every bit as real as the outer world of doing. Being is what is deepest in us, and provides the key to how we best shape our identities, our action paths, our relationships and our spiritualities. That is where PRH shines, and I invite you to explore its resources.

Ron Spann has been a licensed PRH educator since 1998. Jacqueline Graves Spann, his wife of 36 years, joins Ron for PRH couples workshops. For more information, contact The Rev. Canon Ronald Spann, Director: 313-885-4841/ext 113.

For more information visit www.prh-usa.org and www.prh-international.org.

The PRH Experience...

PRH is offered to anyone who has a desire to enjoy authentic identity, and to find meaning and satisfaction in their lives, relationships, and to bring their best to life - that is, to grow! PRH is used by ordinary people in their day-to-day lives. It’s also used in religious and other non-profit organizations, in educational, health care, and international enterprise settings. Because of its holistic vision of human personality PRH offers a spiritual and transcendent dimension that is not usually available in programs aimed at promoting personal growth and development.
•    PRH Education works! It has been working for over 40 years in 30 countries.
•    Its priority is your positive life force, not your history or hurts.
•    PRH Education is respectful of individual differences, experiences and needs.
•    PRH offers a wide range of educational programs for individuals, couples or groups.
•    PRH Educators are trained, supervised, and practice PRH methods in their own lives.