Adopt A Garden

Keep Christ Church's Gardens Looking Beautiful!

We're looking for parishioners who will maintain a church garden bed for the growing season (April-November). Responsibilities include weeding, deadheading flowers, picking up litter or trimming dead or broken branches at least twice a month during the season.  Specific instructions and training if desired provided after sign up.

We have 15 different sections that can be cared for;

  1. Side of Church and Driveway
  2. Outside Kitchen Area
  3. Next to Main Entrance
  4. Outside School
  5. Around Miller Hall
  6. Center Parking Islands
  7. East Side Parking Islands
  8. West Side Parking Islands
  9. West Back Beds along Meadow Brook Lane
  10. Back Beds Behind Miller Hall
  11. Back Beds Behind School
  12. Back Beds Behind Choir Room
  13. School Courtyard
  14. Rector's Office Courtyard
  15. Choir Room Courtyard

If you have questions, please contact Diane Ward at 313-885-4841, ext.111.