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Christ Church is looking for volunteers – especially ones who are interested in helping as they can! Below are opportunities to join various ministries serving our community of faith. These ministries do not require a regular commitment, rather, when there is a need, Christ Church will send you an e-mail requesting help. If you are able, say ‘yes’!

Are you available to help behind the scenes inside and out to make events and holidays go smoothly? Consider joining the Christ Church Crew.
The Crew helps around the facility working behind the scenes to move and clean for special events or major holidays.

Do you like baking? Cookies, brownies, casseroles, entrees, hot dishes? Consider joining the Christ Church Bakers.
The Bakers provide a variety of baked goods for funerals, Parish Gatherings, and families in pastoral need.

Funeral Ministry
The Funeral Ministry serve as Greeters, Ushers, and Reception Hosts for all funerals at Christ Church.

Are you able to assist driving persons to & from church? To & from doctor’s appointments?
Many in our community need assistance getting around town – to church, to appointments, etc.

Please use the form below to sign up: