COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends,

As Dean Hollerith of Washington National Cathedral recently said, “these are anxious and uneasy times.” And it is for times such as these that our faith provides us comfort and strength, wisdom and guidance. Comfort in the face of our personal and collective anxieties and, I fear, griefs. Strength and courage to support the most vulnerable in our midst. Wisdom to guide our decisions through the uncertainties that each day brings. And it is our faith that reminds us, now more than ever, that we are bound to one another, not simply by a common creed, but by the common love of God who binds all people into one.

As the world struggles to respond to this new virus and all that it will entail, each of our communities, and each of us individually, will be called upon to make changes to our lives - changes that will be a discomfort and even disappointment.

To that end, in consultation with Bishop Perry, our Wardens and Staff, and in light of the recent guidance from Governor Whitmer, we have implemented the following change to our common life here at Christ Church:

Beginning this evening, and continuing through Saturday, April 4, we will suspend all public activities at Christ Church.

Specifically, this will mean that the following activities will be suspended:

  • All Public Worship Services - this includes all Sunday worship services, our daily services of Morning and Evening Prayer, and our Wednesday evening Eucharist.
  • All Classes and Programming – this includes Wednesdays at Christ Church, all Chorale and Choir rehearsals, Pizza Lunch, and the Parents’ Day Out Program, Cancer Connect.
  • All Public Meetings – this includes Debtors Anonymous, the SAT Prep Class, and the Parkinson’s Worship.

This decision is not an easy one, but one we believe is in line with the guidance we are receiving from health professionals and, more importantly, fulfills our obligation as a Christian community to protect the health and well-being of our entire community, especially the most vulnerable among us.

We are now offering streaming of worship services every Sunday at 9 am and 3 pm.

Streaming How To's:

Be Comfortable - Participate as fully as you'd like, but feel no obligation to stand or kneel. A PDF of the leaflet is posted with the video stream so you can follow along with the prayers, readings, and even the hymns!

Feel Free to Go About Your Day - Listening while you do chores or move about your home is just fine, too. If sitting at your desk isn't practical, use the video stream as a Podcast and listen. The key to be be emotionally present with us during this time.

Be Gracious - We're all learning in this new endeavor. Be patient with us as we experiment and explore this new technology. Your feedback is also a helpful tool for us. Share your thoughts and impressions so that we can improve the experience over the next few weeks (and into the future!).

Click HERE to watch via the CCGP Website

You may watch the service on our Facebook page, too!

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"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them"
Matthew 18:20

In addition to the suspension of our public activities, we are actively working on ways to maintain and even strengthen our bonds as a community and to actively support those who are most at risk. While the details are not complete at the time of this writing, we look forward to sharing our plans to provide a virtual (online) worship experience during this period, as well as ways to more fully care for our vulnerable population.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to assess the conditions of this epidemic with the hope and anticipation of welcoming everyone to worship on Sunday, April 5. In the meantime, however, we will continue to follow the guidance of our public health officials.

Even as the world promotes social distancing for the sake of our most vulnerable, I encourage everyone to reach out in ways that you can – through prayer for those who are most at risk, and by intentionally checking in on friends and neighbors who may need an extra hand. Together, let us all be kind and generous of spirit with one another, especially government officials and public and medical employees during these difficult times.

Finally, friends, let us rest in the assurance of God’s grace and presence, today and always.

With every blessing,