Our Open Doors

We open the doors to the church nearly 365 days a year, not only because we have at least one worship service nearly every day, but also because we all need a place to sit in peace, to pray, and to approach the altar of the Lord. Our doors remain open not so that you have a way to escape the world, but so that you may be well within it. We invite you to come inside, whenever you want, and to stay for as long as our doors are open.

You may want to pray on your own, or to have a look around on your own, and that is good. We won't bother you if you want to keep things quiet and simple. On the other hand, you might want to speak with someone, to ask questions, or to have someone to help you pray. That's good, too. We're available to do that, if you want.

Throughout the day, especially on Sunday through Friday, there is frequently someone available at the church who you can speak with, and pray with, even if you show up unannounced. If you want to be sure in advance that someone will be available to meet with you, please email rectorsadmin@christchurchgp.org or call 313-885-4841, ext. 107.