The Columbarium


Christ Church offers a beautiful garden columbarium for the interment of an urn of ashes.  Christ Church also offers a Scattering Garden in which a loved one’s ashes are buried directly in the earth.  Unlike remote cemeteries, the Christ Church Columbarium and Rose Garden provides a unique setting in the midst of our community for the burial and remembrance of a loved one.  In addition to providing a quiet place for family to gather beside the resting place of a family member or friend, the Christ Church Columbarium and Rose Garden is a place of celebration and joy enjoyed by playful children and the Christ Church community throughout the year.

Columbarium niches are available for purchase by current members of Christ Church.  Pricing for niches is as follows:

                                          DOUBLE NICHES              SINGLE NICHES
     ~ ABOVE GROUND              $3000                          NA/All allocated
     ~ BELOW GROUND              $2500                         NA/All allocated

Prices include Bronze Memorial Plaques and mason fees to open and close the niche for burial.  Niche sizes are limited; therefore, urns and containers may be no larger than: 8.5” in height, 4.5” deep, and 6.5” wide.

A place in the Scattering Garden may be purchased for $500 and includes a Bronze Memorial Plaque (to be displayed on the Scattering Garden Memorial Plaque) and fees for burial.  As the ashes are buried directly in the earth, no urn or container is necessary.

For more information email or call 313-885-4841, ext. 107.